Successfully communicating between different international markets is a task that requires professional translation because it is not a case of simply changing words from one language to another. An incorrect translation that does not faithfully and accurately transmit a message can put a customer’s business and personal prospects at risk. At Montero Language Services we individually study each case: we analyze the target audience, identify the purpose of the translation and determine which translation service is the most suitable for our customer’s needs. To do so, we have a strong team of specialized translators with professional profiles that meet the international ISO 17100 standard, which aims to ensure the technical and cultural qualification necessary for a quality service. In addition, our experts are continuously evaluated by our quality department, and it is essential to constantly monitor this parameter to guarantee continuity over time.

Specialized translation must include the linguistic elements inherent to each subject matter or field. Our team of translators is made up of, among others, biologists, engineers, pharmacists, economists, lawyers and veterinarians. They all understand the needs of our customers’ most technical profiles.

At Montero Language Services we also provide post-translation verification services. Our office includes reviews, which consist of a comparative reading of a translation and the original text. We use experts that master both the specialty and the language pairs of the project for these types of task. This service is essential for guaranteeing that a text does not contain content errors or inaccuracies in the translation, since an error at this level could seriously damage the image of the company that distributes it, as well as creating a negative impression in the eyes of business partners and potential customers. Montero Language Services provides these types of checks to ensure the highest level of accuracy before definitively concluding the preparation of a document. Our team of reviewers will make all the modifications necessary in the text taking into account characteristics such as style and cultural reality of the target audience.

In addition, it will perform a final re-reading of the translated document to ensure that it accurately transmits the information contained in the original document and does so using appropriate terminology.

We also provide monolingual proofreading services. For this we only work with the translated version. We perform a linguistic check to rule out spelling and grammar mistakes, and the text is re-read taking into account tone and consistency.

Review and monolingual proofreading


The visual presentation of a document is as important as its content. This is why Montero Language Services offers a professional layout and design service in addition to translation.

Our team is competent in both MAC and PC environments and trained to use the market’s major layout and design tools. We have specialists strategically located in different geographical areas in order to guarantee the correct use and display of the target language characters.

We also provide the possibility of carrying out a round of changes that enables the clients to give their document the final touch. Likewise, we can work together with our client’s printing service, maintaining fluid communication in order to streamline the preparation process of the final pieces.

Sworn translation is a specialized service in which translators take on a greater responsibility with respect to the texts they translate. It certifies the legal validity of a translation, which becomes a complete and faithful official copy of an original text. Not all translators can provide this type of service. In Spain, a sworn translator must be issued with an official certificate by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but the requirements can vary depending on the country. Montero Language Services also provides advice on managing sworn translations in other countries so that any translation will meet the relevant legal provisions.

Montero Language Services has several in-house sworn translators, as well as an established network of professionals with the legal capacity to perform these tasks. They have a multidisciplinary profile, which is necessary since sworn documents relate to different fields that they must be specialized in and they must know how to adapt the document to the cultural or even regulatory reality of each target country.

Sworn translation


Automatic translation is a well-known concept that entails significant advantages not only at a business level, but also a personal one. It allows us to overcome the first language barrier when we come into contact with foreign language materials. However, its quality is not adequate compared to that of the majority of professional language services. Post-editing emerged as a solution to this problem. In fact, it has become a service that is almost as common as translation. When fully understood and well applied, post-editing enables the raw result of a translation engine to become a well-polished, meaningful and natural translation. Although it is true that automatic translation is not without its controversy, at Montero Language Services we have been able to extract its full potential and offer services with the same quality. As an added benefit, post-editing can considerably reduce work times and even the cost of translation. Without a doubt, it is an economically attractive solution.

At Montero Language Services we work with professional post-editing teams experienced in the subject matter of the text, native speakers of the target language and specifically trained to perform this service. Specifically, we offer two types of post-editing services: