Montero Language Services has been translating patents since 2003 and is currently a leader in translating patent applications and IP-related documents in Spain. Besides being proud of our accomplishments, all the experience we have gained over the years has provided us with an enormous breadth of knowledge about the sector and its needs. Our aim here is to show our clients that we master every facet of IP and its needs, and this is why we believe that our specialized services are of great worth.

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Montero Language Services has been translating IP-related documentation since 2003.

Our company structure and methodology has been designed and developed with the aim of guaranteeing the highest level of linguistic quality in specialized translations while meeting short deadlines. Due to the urgent and sizable nature of patent translation projects, we have specialized in working under these high-pressure conditions without affecting the final quality of the translations and the end layout of the documentation.

Our company is well aware of our customers’ specific needs in this sector: high-quality specialized translations, fast turn-overs to meet quick filing deadlines, and efficient project management with a cost-saving approach. This is why Montero LS is deeply committed to innovative technology and management solutions that ensure both streamlined processes and services that fit your global IP services budget.


Montero IP is our business unit focused on assisting the IP industry, from patent offices and IP formalities professionals to international law firms. Over the years, we have gained relevant experience and established the best linguistic teams to cover a wide range of industry verticals with in-depth domain expertise. We have over 35 in-house translators, as well as a trusted network of more than 500 experienced freelance translators and editors who work around the clock to help us meet our customers’ challenging requirements. All of them have in-depth knowledge of the sector, extensive experience and have shown tremendous professional rigor, in addition to being fully committed to meeting the short deadlines set by our clients. This means we are ideally positioned to provide linguistic services for any type of vertical market in the industry. As such, this department offers all types of services for IP, from experts in patent offices and formal aspects, to international law firms.

Montero Language Services is the solution. You can count on our experience and language solutions to secure your translation investment.

  • Biology
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Electronics
  • Electricity
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Telecommunications
  • Animal Health
  • Translation
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Cross-checking
  • Adaptation
  • Sworn translation
  • Interpreting (remote/onsite)
  • Post-editing of machine translation
  • Translation and editing of patent drawings
  • Prior Art searches
  • Priority documents
  • Trademark classes
  • Patent descriptions
  • Claims
  • Abstracts
  • Notices and Responses to patent offices
  • Novelty searches
  • Opposition proceedings
  • Utility models
  • Lists of goods
  • Technical literature


The intellectual property sector protects innovation developed in highly specialized fields. It makes sense that, when entrusting their language services, their partner should also be able to protect the very essence of their service: innovation, specialization and confidentiality. This is where Montero IP comes in, offering a reliable solution based on knowledge that only years of experience can guarantee, but in which processes, technology and methodology are constantly evolving.

Our translators are not only native speakers of the target language, they are also specialized in the subjects they translate, often having related technical degrees. This means that in addition to being well-versed in patent-specific technical language and vocabulary, they have extensive, up-to-date knowledge of their area of expertise. This ensures legal, technical and scientific terminology are accurately used by the same linguist.

As John Ruskin said “Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.” And this is exactly our approach. We meticulously select the professional assigned to each of the steps of our work flow in order to guarantee the highest quality that their talent can provide. In tandem, we apply the latest technology to each of these steps so as to maximize their potential for our customers.
Quality assurance is often exclusively related to human contributions in the translation process. However, while it is true that this contribution is essential, it is now a reality that new technologies in the field represent a necessary and vital contribution to ensure the highest quality, from initial request through to timely delivery.

We invest in market-leading software to assist our team in their day-to-day work. Innovation and technology have become our best allies in ensuring that our customers can meet short filing deadlines while delivering top-quality translations that do not compromise their global efforts and protect their intellectual property correctly. Montero is committed to innovative systems that guarantee a technology driven workflow from the receipt of the project to the final delivery and validation from the customer.