Sport has an undeniable international reach. For example, the Olympic Games or the FIFA World Cup are sporting events that are watched from around the world and where a multitude of cultures come together, each with their own languages. In addition, the digital transformation has changed the way in which sport clubs or franchises interact with their fans; content is consumed in real-time, which accelerates the international growth of the brand.

At Montero Language Services we have an extensive network of specialized translators that are experts in the terminology of each sport and who are highly experienced in using wraparound language appropriate for each local market. This will bring sporting goods users or future followers closer. Our services are the ideal solution to tear down the language and cultural barriers. In addition to many other services, Montero Language Services offers you interpreting at press conferences, and translation of press releases, social network contents, public relations materials labeling and packaging, as well as user guides.


Several different language services are involved in the internationalization process of the retail sector. This is because the sector communicates with their customers through different channels (e.g. user guides, marketing brochures, labeling and packaging, supplier contract, advertising campaigns, sales training materials, etc.). As a result, translation professionals that adapt to the purpose of each specific case must be involved. When the aim of a retailer is to open up to foreign markets, it is essential that they overcome the language barriers.

Montero Language Services performs a comprehensive study of each internationalization plan, designs localization strategies and ensures satisfactory results when communicating with manufacturers and employees at a global level. Our work is characterized by a service of the highest quality and effectively managing and meeting deadlines, which are often very short. In addition, we adapt the identity of the brands and company images to that of each local target market, taking into account all that particular features and sensitive aspects of the market.


Tourism is the most internationalized sector par excellence. The buying habits of this sector’s consumer have evolved radically since the start of the digital era. Consumers are used to searching and making bookings from their smart devices and have turned multilingual digital media into a necessity for any brand that wants to succeed in the travel and hospitality sector, appearing in the searches of potential customers in their own language and adapting the services they offer to respective cultures.

Today’s consumers expect quick access to content in their own language to make sure they enjoy their trip to the fullest, without coming up against unnecessary language barriers. At Montero Language Services we offer language services that meet a wide variety of cases, for example, advertising campaigns, tourist brochures, travel guides, hotel websites, newsletters and even liaison interpreters.


The large network of production plants and the commercial characteristics of the automotive industry at a global level means that a variety of document types must be prepared. Its enormous research work, development, manufacture and consumption takes place in multiple locations around the world, where people who speak different languages and come from different cultures must systematically and accurately access documents relating to vehicles. These texts contain precise work instructions for the installation and production processes.

That is why a correct translation of these documents is vital to ensure that the processes operate correctly and thus prevent possible production accidents or errors. In short, automobile manufacturers need highly specialized linguistic services and Montero Language Services can provide them. Our company offers a comprehensive service throughout the entire chain. We can also take on the creation and development of a brand, production processes in new factories, virtual training for employees around the world or legal agreements with parts suppliers.


The technology sector has a strong international dimension. So much so that the current digital era puts a bigger strain on this sector since it must frequently launch novel products. In fact, the speed at which innovations are managed determines success. Therefore, localizing products must be carried out with the same speed for each of the local markets, in order to ensure a complete, adapted and accurate user experience. Montero Language Services’s customers trust in our language services to translate their documents and receive a comprehensive and fast service that is specialized in the technological sector.

We provide managers who are experts in this sector, as well as a team of professional engineers and developers who test the translations and make any type of formal adjustments. Our company is the fastest and most reliable solution to opening technological businesses to new markets. We offer language services for online help content, user interfaces, multimedia content, labeling, user manuals and documents relating to computer programs.