Interpreting is a language mediation service that facilitates oral communication between different language pairs. That is why interpreters shoulder such a great responsibility, and their work is essential to the development of the global economy. Montero Language Services offers professional interpreting services to ensure the international success of our clients, who entrust us with the task of establishing professional and productive relationships with both their customers and partners worldwide.

Interpreting is a service that requires a high degree of specialization. Our company holds great value in this regard, since we set ourselves apart not only because of our extensive experience in offering comprehensive interpreting services, but also because of the relationships we forge on behalf of our customers. We have redefined our interpreting service, developing a modernized and customized service that allows us to provide our customers with expert assistance that meet their needs, either in-person or online.

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Interpreting is a very sensitive activity. Unlike written translations, there is no time to reflect and make corrections; there is only one opportunity to correctly convey a message to the audience. This means that mastering the working language pair is not the only requirement for professional interpreters. They must also have a deep understanding of the topic addressed in order to clearly and accurately transmit the message.

Through Montero Language Services, our customers have access to a project manager specializing in interpreting. Their role is to advise the customer and walk them through the challenging process of organizing an event (e.g. choosing interpreters, organizing and guaranteeing a top-quality technical team, providing and facilitating reference documents and, ultimately, anticipating setbacks inherent to live events).

It is also important to remember that there are different types of interpreting services. To help our customers form an initial idea of how we can help them meet their needs, we have prepared a small summary of each.


The interpreter works from a soundproof booth and translates the speech at the same time as the speaker gives it. The audience receives technical support in the desired language through headphones.

Without a doubt, this type of interpretation is the most dynamic and, therefore, ideal for events with a number of participants:

Montero Language Services can provide all the equipment and technical support required to set up booths, distribution of headphones, loudspeaker system and microphones.

The interpreter translates the speaker’s speech in parts during short pauses in the speech or presentation. Whilst the speaker is presenting, the interpreter takes short notes in order to subsequently reproduce the speech.

Consecutive interpretation requires effort and a high level of preparation from the interpreter in order to reliably transmit the message based on their notes. This type of interpretation is recommended for:


Liaison Interpreting

The interpreter liaises between two or more people who do not speak the same language. They translate what the interlocutor says in the foreign language and expresses what they wish to say to the first person.

Liaison interpretation requires the interpreter to know not only the languages required, but also have a deep understanding of the two cultures. Therefore, this type of interpretation is very useful for:

It is not recommended for groups of over twenty people and does not require any type of technical equipment.

The interpreter only works for one person. They whisper to the listener so as not to disturb the rest of the participants. The defining characteristic of this interpretation is that the speaker and participants speak without taking breaks.

The greatest difficulty lies in the noises caused by the acoustics surrounding the listener and the interpreter. This must therefore be taken into account when deciding on this type of interpretation. This service is usually requested for:

Whispered Interpreting or Chuchotage

In order to adapt to the specific needs of each interpreting service, we need to know some key information:

In order to provide a service with the utmost professionalism and accuracy, the interpreter must prepare for the event. As such, when organizing the service, they must be provided with any available reference material several days in advance. Similarly to the speaker, the interpreter must prepare so that they can deliver a coherent and appropriate speech.