Websites & Digital Content

This service is aimed at customers who wish to translate the content of their websites for each specific market to strengthen their internationalization process and benefit from the countless advantages it brings. Although English has become the defacto dissemination language, users highly appreciate finding information in their own language. A number of studies have shown that they are more likely to complete a purchase or contract a service if they can find the information in their native language. In these cases, banking on the users’ basic English skills can lead to comprehension errors, cultural misunderstandings and, ultimately, a misrepresentation of the original message. Is it worth risking failure in the internationalization process?

Correctly translating and adapting a website to the target market will lead to an exponential increase in the number of visitors to your website, greater trustworthiness, brand recognition and a better understanding of your message.

At Montero Language Services we want our clients to be able to access all the markets they are interested in. Therefore, our processes and technology allow them to publish their translated pages hassle-free, and they can be kept up-to-date quickly and easily. In addition to the visible content, we help translate keywords or image descriptions. Quality content will attract the interest and loyalty of future customers from around the world, but a sound localization of the SEO content of your website is what will attract traffic to your website in the first place and will make you more visible in search engines like Google.

We also provide our customers with a service to design a quality browsing experience aimed at international customers and gain market share in all sectors at a competitive price.

The globalization of companies in the current digital era has strengthened the preparation of online learning content as the most efficient and cost-effective way of providing training on a large scale. Studies show that companies that localize this type material into their employees’ languages and cultures record higher profits. The localized content allows international staff to be trained in areas such as the company and sector policies, sales strategies or information related to health and safety. For companies specializing in online training services, business opportunities grow exponentially. Which new market share could you reach by translating a course into English? What about into Chinese?

Montero Language Services can take over once the companies have prepared their master copy. Our service specializing in online training materials allows us to quickly take on the full spectrum in a manner that is also cost effective. Not only do we have the experience and linguistic knowledge to localize your materials to the target market, but we also have extensive experience and knowledge in processing interactive multimedia material, multilingual voice-over and subtitling, and video editing. Our specialized service will allow you to centralize the full service, which entails time savings when coordinating teams.

Montero Language Services has the ability to make any online training course reach its full potential for all types of training or learning content.


Video subtitling

Subtitling advertisements, company videos, online training materials, documentaries or video games is a painstaking adaptation task that brings together the work of a translator and that of a technical team that aims to respect the time the viewer needs to read the subtitles, respect the space on the screen and, last but not least, ensure that each line of the script is concisely and correctly transmitted in the subtitles with the suitable social and cultural connotations of the target market.

Many companies view subtitling as a cost-effective alternative to dubbing, as well as a quick way of making their content multilingual in the shortest time possible without having to book dubbing rooms and find voice talent.

The team of professionals at Montero Language Services transcribes, translates and adapts your content, making sure that the subtitling maintains the correct reading speed, suitable line length and the message of the original audio.