Montero Language Services offers professional interpretation services that guarantee international success for our clients who have entrusted us to establish professional and fruitful relationships both with their own clients and their shareholders around the world.

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The digital era has turned videos into the most consumed content today. As a result, dubbing services are in high demand for the big screen: adverts, series, films, etc. However, new technologies have made it easier for anyone to produce content from their phone or tablet and quickly share it. Multimedia content enables information to be shared faster and dubbing the audio ensures that the recipient can focus on the visual content, on which time and money has also been invested. At Montero Language Services we can provide you with the necessary multimedia solution to confidently work through the full spectrum of a demanding process that is technologically challenging and creative.

Our multimedia solution allows us to transcribe and translate the script, record a professional voice talent who is a native speaker to reproduce the preferred tone, style and voice, correctly synchronize the audio, and edit and perform the post-production of the final material. Our specialized project manager will supervise every detail of the production and will ensure a quality experience and a satisfactory and confidence-inspiring result. We know how important it is to choose the right type of voice for the material. An advertisement? A corporate video? We have a broad portfolio of voices that cover each specific case.



The transcription of audio or video files is a professional, painstaking and methodical task. It must be entrusted to specialized and experienced professionals in order to guarantee the greatest reliability and efficiency. At Montero Language Services we offer this service as a complement to translation services or independently, always meeting the deadlines established.

The most common types of Transcription are:

This is an exact transcription of the speech. Sounds and background noises are not omitted. They are included in the transcription as annotations. It is used when the accuracy of the transcription is of the utmost importance. It is most often used for legal proceedings.
This is the most common type and the information that is not relevant, such as fillers, interruptions or background noise, is omitted. However, the meaning of the sentences or words is never changed. The final text is more natural than a verbatim transcription. It is used in interviews, press conferences, debates, etc.
The coherence and cohesion of the speech is improved in the final revision of the transcription in order to make the text easier to understand.

Some of the most common specialized transcriptions projects are:

Business sector

Transcription of conventions, symposiums, conferences, presentations, round tables, debates, talks, customer service calls, etc.

Human Resource Sector

Transcription of personal interviews, training courses, seminars, etc.

Legal Sector

Transcription of work councils, contract negotiations, shareholder meetings, etc.

Medical and Scientific Sector

Transcription of events and studies with a scientific and/or informative nature.

Judicial Sector

Transcription of preliminary hearings, statements, preliminary injunctions, rulings, etc.

Administration and Public Sector

Transcription of plenary meetings and commissions of official entities.